Blog Post No. 3 | World Market vs. Pier 1 Imports

24 Sep

World Market and Pier 1 Imports are both stores that specialize in selling international goods, such as furniture, cookware, and home decor. The two stores are definitely ideal places to celebrate and experience culture by purchasing products imported from other countries. Right off the bat, the main difference between the two stores is that World Market has a great expansion of food and beverages from different countries, whereas Pier 1 Imports sticks to mainly selling furniture and other home products.

The Two Websites

Pier 1’s Website only takes up the space of a browser’s window.

World Market’s Website is more elongated to show more content aside from the scrolling banners.

Despite having an overall similar design, the two websites have their differences as well. First, Pier 1 Imports’ website relies on a banner that rotates from one to another and an extensive set of drop down menus that contain most of the site’s content. On the other hand, World Market’s website extends beyond the browser’s window below to showcase more special content.

The Organization

In terms of hierarchy, both sites are similar in relying on heavy imagery where they showcase their products. This is where my eyes travel to instantly when I land on the page, not to mention both sites have a slideshow banner. Typography is secondary in in the site’s design, as display type emerges on the page to accent and reinforce the imagery. Then I finally get to the menubar, where I would probably click on a section that my interest was perked by the imagery that was dominant on the homepage.

Typography seems to be treated much better on World Market’s site. It adheres more to the contemporary and neat aesthetic that attracts their target market of trendy shoppers.

In opposition, Pier 1 Imports’ site uses a very distracting typeface in their menubar that subtracts from the stunning imagery presented in addition to the type complimentary to the images that are well-laid out as well. The typeface they use almost looks like a face to attract consumers who are more crafty and frequent craft stores often, rather than buying already assembled furniture and decor.

Interior Pages

In World Market’s interior page of Inspirations, the background uses the same light texture that is used in the homepage. The lightness of the background emphasizes the imagery more as it stands out with more contrast from the background.

Interior page for World Market.

Pier 1 Imports, on the other hand uses an image of a texture that is as dense as the content presented on the web page. Although, the white background of the body brings contrast to the content presented, the background image still proves distracting as it competes in image density with the content.

Pier 1 Imports interior page.

Grid Structure

Grid Structure for World Market

Grid structure for Pier 1 Imports

Overall, the two sites have similar underlying grid structures, of course World Market has a more extensive grid since it displays more content on its homepage than Pier 1 Import does. The two grid structures have the body content divided into three columns while leaving about two-thirds of a column’s space on each side for margin. The grid that both websites use ultimately end up dividing the content into boxes.


3 Responses to “Blog Post No. 3 | World Market vs. Pier 1 Imports”

  1. angelicamfranklin October 17, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    This post is very well written and well-organized. I get a good feel of both the websites you are reviewing. A problem that I also had was that I did not go into as much detail with the interior pages as I did with the main structure of the site. I think that would make this post even more successful and helpful.

  2. kittentarantino October 21, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    I would have maybe talked about the effect of the different typography on the pages; maybe even show an example.

  3. cKegel October 22, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    Before I comment on your content, I want to point out that your images are too small to see what you’re talking about in your post. I wish the images were bigger or you had some zoomed in screen shots.
    Your analysis of the two sites home pages are very detailed but I would’ve liked to see you discuss the interior page structures and how they relate to the overall site structure.
    I agree with your discussion of the background imagery – Pier One was too distracting but I like how the home page doesn’t extend beyond the fold. It allows the reader to explore the menus and take in the pleasantry of the visuals which reflects the store front experience. I also like how you described the feeling you get from the design choices and your descriptions of the type of people who would visit each site. It gives me a clearer understanding of why each site feels the way it does.

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